Our friends at AICN posted an interview with Doug Jones discussing a number of topics including his potential involvement in “The Hobbit.” As previous interviews suggest, it appears there is no decision yet on a specific role for him, but the interview reflects Guillermo Del Toro’s continued fondness for including Jones in his projects. Jones hints at a specific role and has some encouraging words for fans as well:

“I’ve heard a lot about, well…there’s a specific role that sounds delicious! I don’t wanna say, I don’t know…that’s for Guillermo. The thing is as fans, keep talking! Because he listens to his fan base really a lot. If you have suggestions for what you want to see, he considers that. He’s very specific with what he wants, absolutely. But what you want from him and how he communicates with his fan base, keep talking, because he listens.”

You can catch the rest of the inteview with Doug Jones on AICN.