erlakeshot07Our good friends Emerald Rose sent this email along today for those Ringers going to DragonCon 2008:

Emerald Rose are seeking Hobbits, Dwarves, Elves and Humans to perform in a new part of the Evening at Bree Party at DragonCon on Friday night.  The ‘bit’ will be called ‘Stupid Hobbit Tricks’ and well, that probably says enough right there.  If you have a silly (but not dangerous) Tolkien-related thing that you do, email the guys at or see them Thursday or Friday before Bree at their band table in the Hyatt Concourse.  Also seeking representatives from the Dwarven and Hobbit races for the first ever Middle Earth Quaffing Contest!  No elves, though.  Elves don’t quaff – they sip.  One representative over the age of 21 from the desired races only please.  Quaffing will be done with a non-alcoholic beer substitute of great quality!  Excitement! Danger! Prizes!

Sounds like a great time! Check out Emerald Rose’s official website and learn more about their appearances at the DragonCon official website. [Emerald Rose] [DragonCon]