Chen Yibing

While perusing the official website of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, a particular winner just happened to catch our eye:

So to what has become a daily glut of gold medals for host China. The place to start has to be gymnastics, where 23-year-old Chen Yibing, the co-called “Lord of The Rings,” won China’s first gold medal in the Men’s Rings since the legendary Li Ning shared gold with Japan’s Gushiken Koji at Los Angeles 1984. Chen scored 16.600 to win.

Just thought it was wonderful to see Professor Tolkien’s creation mentioned in a way that reminds us all of it’s place within a worldwide community culture.  It continues today due also in no small part to Peter Jackson’s movies and fan websites like TORN that have readers spanning the globe.  Official Website 2008 Beijing Olympic Games