Shire Productions Stageplay Vivienne Wilkes, local amateur dramatist, and co-organiser of the annual Middle Earth Weekends at Sarehole Mill, is the author of the recently published children’s book called “Tales of Moseley Bog – The Voles of Old”. Moseley Bog has been the setting for several drama excerpts from Tolkien’s work at the above weekend and is a beautiful and unspoilt nature reserve nestling in the suburbs of Birmingham within walking distance of Sarehole Mill, the inspiration for the Mill in Hobbiton. J.R.R. Tolkien and his brother Hilary knew it well when they played there as children but today it is still a relatively unknown gem even to those living nearby. Within this atmospheric, natural woodland mini-mammals and wildlife dwell, their struggle for existence largely unnoticed by most visitors. Within the book, Moseley Bog is the Old World setting for the life and death adventures of Foxtail and Rye, a couple of young field voles, on a quest to find the mythical water voles of legend. Further details of the book can be found on-line via the website:

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