TORN  CruiseFrom Garfeimao: The first Cruise to Middle earth was first announced at San Diego Comic Con last year, albeit with little fanfare, so it’s only fair that the second Cruise to Middle earth, also known as The Sequel, be announced there too. But I think I’ll give you a little hint here, just so you know to look for it at the convention. Oh, and comic con will be the last chance to get on to this year’s Cruise to Middle earth before the prices go up.

The Sequel will take place nearly 12 months after the first Cruise to Middle earth, but will be going in the reverse direction, that being Sydney to Auckland. This will give the cruisers a few days at sea between the two countries to get to know each other, watch the films, and have planned activities before exploring Middle earth. Red Carpet Tours will again be putting together a customized tour schedule, but those details are still being worked out, so not much info on that front. Expect it to be very similar to this year’s Cruise to Middle earth. So, without the tour info, there also won’t be full pricing info, but feel free to find me at the convention for details regarding date, ship name and cruise itinerary. I’ll be spending time off and on at booth #5424, which is where you can find TORn t-shirts, info on the cruise, and as previously stated, a signing by Kristen Thompson of the Frodo Franchise, etc.

And not to be forgotten, this weekend is also the last chance to get on board the first Cruise to Middle earth at the previously announced group prices. No, the cruise is not sold out, but we are now at the 6 month mark before the cruise embarks, so the cruise line will pull ALL space this weekend. After that, people can still get on the cruise at prevailing rates, which will fluctuate between now and the sailing date of November 23, 2008. Some of the features of this year’s cruise is a visit to Hobbiton, Edoras and while in Wellington we will be getting a private tour of WETA. I’ll be at comic con, and if you want to get on this year’s cruise and will also be at the con, please come looking for me (Cathy, aka Garfeimao) at the booth or the TORn panel on Friday morning. And if you won’t be at the convention, and want to get on while pricing is still at the announced rates, you may contact my colleague Julie at 800-955-7447. Please follow the link for more pricing information for this year’s cruise. [Cruise to Middle earth]