Lake Town Volunteer Fire DepartmentWe reported earlier this week that we would be featuring a brand new TORn and Weta t-shirt at Comic-Con. [Comic-Con Shirt] It should be noted however, that the Comic-Con shirt was not the only design TORn has been working on the last few months. So without further delay, we are proud to premiere our ‘Lake Town Volunteer Fire Department‘ shirt! The shirt, pictured on the right, is deep red with the TORn logo on the front and the LTFD logo on the back. We only have a limited amount of these shirts printed at this time, so if the demand is there, we will print another run in various sizes and styles. In fact, if you want a specific style, please email me directly at and I will keep a running list. While I wont’ be able to reply to all emails, I will keep them handy when deciding on our next printing. In the meantime, check out our latest shirt! [Lake Town Fire Department Shirt] [Comic-Con Shirt]