Warner New LineVariety is reporting on New Line’s present and near future status, clearing up several things that have been said in the past several months:

“There’s no mandate to make a particular kind of movie,” Horn states. “We’re not going to wind up bidding against each other across the table. And New Line will not just be doing genre, since that’s a space filled pretty well by Lionsgate, Screen Gems and Dark Castle […] There’s no budget number required. They’ll be doing about six per year, though the number may go from four to seven; it’s not going to be 10.

The article also touches an aspect many have wondered about in our forums:

There are also the two “Hobbit” films and a possible sequel to “The Golden Compass”. The question is how much Warner Bros. will get involved in those tentpoles.

We will just have to wait and see! [Variety]