The Hobbit Movie LogoAre you dying to know how to get cast as an extra in the Hobbit films or what LOTR actors, if any, will be returning? Perhaps you lie awake at night wondering how Guillermo Del Toro will bring Smaug to life on the big screen or whether the Tolkien vs. New Line lawsuit will delay or stop the films. These are but a few of the most frequently asked questions that come into TORn every day. So, as part of our continuing efforts to keep our readers up-to-date on all things Hobbit-related, we’ve compiled answers to your most frequently asked questions on one easy-to-access page on the site. It also includes useful links to key interviews, news stories, posts by GDT and more.

You can find the Hobbit Movie FAQ here, plus it’s now easily accessible via a permanent link in the menu on the left side of the screen under the heading “The Hobbit.” Be sure to check it often for updates during these dynamic and exciting times leading up to the next movies, and send any ideas or updates you have to!