Christopher TolkienMessage board member Woodyend alerts us to an upcoming judgement in the case of Christopher Tolkien vs. New Line Cinema. The lawsuit claims the Tolkien family is owed £80m by New Line Cinema under a deal for a 7.5% share of profits that was signed in 1969. Here is an excerpt of what The Times Online reported back on May 25th:

“At a hearing on June 6 Christopher Tolkien will ask a Californian judge to back his claim that he can “terminate” film rights to The Hobbit. He is said to be furious with the New Line studio, which earned £3 billion from the Rings trilogy. Tolkien’s lawyers accuse New Line of “accounting chicanery”. Warner Bros, owner of New Line, declined to comment.”

Sounds like things could get heated! TORn will update Ringers on any developments as they come in to our email. For some great reporting and perspective on this story, check out our good friend Kristen Thompson’s ‘Frodo Franchise’ blog as well. [Times Online] [Frodo Franchise]