TORN  Cruise Garfeimao writes: I received a rather intriguing email a few weeks ago from someone at WETA. They simply asked for details of when and where the Cruise to Middle-earth took place. When I confirmed that the cruise would have a full day in Wellington, they invited our group for a little visit. When I asked “what do you have in mind?”, the below itinerary is what came out of this discussion.

Weta are inviting guests on the “Cruise to Middle Earth” to an exclusive package visit, including :

  • Private lunch and discussion with senior Weta artists who worked on LOTR
  • Weta talk on the LOTR experience
  • Artist makeup demonstration on one of the visiting group
  • Photos / signing with senior Weta artists
  • Private Weta video screening
  • Private visit to the Weta Cave
  • Weta gift package

WOW was all I could say upon reading this. This is causing a little schedule shifting for our day in Wellington, with this itinerary replacing most of the previous itinerary, but no one has really complained about that. It is also adding a bit to the cost since our group is now getting something bigger and better than what was previously offered, and again, not many complainers amongst the passengers already signed on.

But the really exciting thing is, we still have room on this cruise. Not a lot, and I won’t have it for very long, but there is still space available. So, if you want to see Hobbiton, Edoras, and now visit WETA, as well as cruise through some beautiful waters on the luxurious Celebrity Millennium, email me at