TORN  Cruise Garfeimao writes: With the opening of The WETA Cave, it was decided that a slight alteration of the Wellington day trip on the Cruise to Middle-earth should now include this intriguing shop. So, there will soon be a new itinerary posted for the land portion of the Hobbit and Wizard packages to reflect this change in Wellington. Just know that if you are thinking of going on the Cruise to Middle-earth, you will get to see The Cave.

And that reminds me, time is quickly running out on being able to book this cruise at the Group Discounted rates I have. Space is being pulled in a matter of days and then after that, the price of the cruise portion will go up to the Full Tariff Rate. Cabins will still be available, but the prices will no longer be stable and some of the group amenities may not be offered. Please send me an email at or call me at 800-955-7447 ext. 19812 if you want to go There and Back Again.