In one of its gutsiest moves yet toward expansion and diversification, it was leaked today that Time-Warner is in the final stages of talks to acquire

“It makes perfect sense when you think about it,” said one high-level, but confidential, source at Time-Warner. “With such companies as AOL, New Line Cinema, DC Comics and Cartoon Network, fits right into the fold.”

Word on the street has it that Time-Warner executives still chafe at not being able to secure tickets or V.I.P. access to’s industry famous Oscar parties. They decided to make the move now in order to have as much lead time as possible before the planning starts for similar festivities for the upcoming Hobbit movies. Rumor also has it that once negotiations have been finalized, the deal could make history on Wall Street as the biggest amount ever paid for a website. Site founders Xoanon, Calisuri, Tehanu and Corvar could not be reached for comment as cell phone reception is ‘iffy’ in certain parts of the Tahitian Islands. Stay tuned here for more!