ianmckellen.jpgIt seems a given to LOTR fans, but maybe there are actually some people out there who still think Ian McKellen can be replaced as Gandalf in the upcoming ‘Hobbit’ films. As of last night, according this to this report from Ringer Philip, Ian McKellen has not been contacted to reprise his role as everyone’s favorite wizard. Check out Phil’s report and then feel free to make your voice heard in our message boards and other various venues.

Here’s Phils report:

Sir Ian McKellen gave a talk at Cambridge (where he went to university) last night, which was pretty amazing. He stayed around afterwards to sign books (he’s written a foreword to a book about the Marlowe Society, a really influential Cambridge-based drama group of which he was part) and answer more questions. I got the chance to ask him whether he’d been approached about the two films that it seems that Guillermo Del Toro is going to direct. Sir Ian said that he hadn’t been approached, but he was aware of the project, that Del Toro was to direct and Peter Jackson to produce. He referred to Jackson having said that he couldn’t see anyone but McKellen taking over the role of Gandalf, and seemed to agree with me when I enthused about how great Del Toro is. We also mentioned the power of fans, and specifically the internet in these kinda matters, and he suggested – perhaps half-jokingly but still – that I start a campaign for him to resume his role as Gandalf in the forthcoming movies.

We don’t see any harm in letting our voices be heard! Phil has set up a facebook group for this purpose (located here) and we have a thread running on our message board. So go ahead, speak out!

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