New Line Cinema LogoKristin Thompson has a wonderful new article up outlining the success of ‘The Golden Compass’ overseas, and more relevant to Tolkien fans, news about the New Line Logo appearing before the ‘Hobbit’ project:

This tends to confirm what previous coverage has hinted: that New Line will be allowed to make The Hobbit itself (in a co-production with MGM) rather than turning the project over to Warner Bros. This, coupled with Anne Thompson’s recent remarks that Mark Ordesky will likely supervise The Hobbit and its untitled companion film, suggests that fans may have less to worry about than they thought. Time Warner and Warner Bros. may recognize that it’s best not to tamper with success. Keeping the circumstances for this new project as close to those of the LOTR trilogy as possible offers the best chance for lightning to strike twice.

Read the full article at Kristin’s website, and don’t forget to order your copy of ‘The Frodo Franchise!’ [Read More]