Gandalf (the Horse) wants to go to the Olympics Horsegirl writes: Olympic champion Event rider, Mark Todd (of New Zealand) has a new mount he’s going to try to go to this year’s Olympics with. The horse’s name is GANDALF! Fits, doesn’ it- being a New Zealand -bred horse. There’s an American rider who rides a horse called Frodo Baggins. And it goes on and on… [Mark Todd’s Olympic Profile]

UPDATE: It turns out that “Frodo Baggins” is a 13 year old black New Zealand bred Thoroughbred who actually starred as one of the Black Rider’s mounts in FOTR!! He even walked down the red carpet at the premiere of the film with Elijah Woods himself.

For more about “Frodo Baggins” and his rider Lainey Ashker, go here.

Thanks to Roheryn for doing a little more digging!