Aragorn TurnaroundAlong with the pre-order of the Ringwraith Legendary Scale Bust, Sideshow also posted a few other LOTR updates with their newsletter launch last night. In their production blog, Sideshow posted of a few official reference shots of the Witch-King in Twilight Form – something we had not seen before. It is pretty cool to see this digitally manipulated character, which appeared so blurred on the screen, in crystal clear photography. The images were posted to show how they finished the sculpt for Sideshow’s Witch-king Legendary Scale Bust. The second update is a 360° view of the Aragorn Premium Format Figure with one of the best Viggo likenesses we have ever seen. To see this file, you need to click on the icon below the feature image at Sideshow’s website. Now if only I could save up enough to get all this stuff! [Witch-King Imagery] [Aragorn PF]