Henry Gee writes: Here is a sneak preview of what’ll be in Issue 45 of Mallorn, the Journal of the Tolkien Society, currently in advanced edit mode and due out in Spring. Mallorn is distributed free and exclusively to members of the Tolkien Society, so join up now! You know it makes sense.

Guest Editorial: Tom Shippey advocates an Encyclopedia of Ignorance
Letters to the Editor: Two responses to Rosman’s ‘Gandalf as Torturer’ in Mallorn 43


David Doughan on Tolkien Studies IV;
Henry Gee on the Beowulf film;
Laura Marples on The Lord of the Rings stage musical;
Pat Reynolds on Explore Fairy Traditions by Jeremy Harte, and The
Golden Compass film;
Mike Foster on The Children of Húrin;
John Damon on The Keys to Middle-earth by Lee and Solopova,
Maggie Burns on Roots and Branches by Tom Shippey.


David Doughan on Oxbridge women;
Chad Chisholm on the Choices of Master Frodo;
Bob Blackham on Tolkien’s Birmingham;
Maggie Burns on John Ronald’s schooldays,
Kristine Larsen on the changing faces of Varda.


White Annays by Lynn Forest-Hill;
Mayan Wayfinding by Brenda Cooper,
Beyond the Sea of No Return by G. Caradoc Owens.

Well, I’m Back: Cecilia Dart-Thornton on Word Magic.

The next issue will feature (probably) musings on Tolkien’s mountains, and how and where to study Tolkien at University. And, hopefully, a reprint and discussion of JRRT’s schoolboy poem The Battle of the Eastern Field.