Cruise to Middle-earth celebrates Tolkien's birthday On January 3, 2008, there will be a One Day only sale for the Cruise to Middle-earth. This sale will consist of a 1 category upgrade and only new bookings will be eligible. If you have been considering the cruise and were still on the fence, this is the day to jump over to the other side and join our Fellowship.

What does a 1 category upgrade mean? It means you would pay for one category, and would be automatically upgraded to the next highest category. You could pay for the lowest level Interior cabin and be upgraded to a cabin on a higher deck or more centrally located. You could pay for a balcony on a mid-level deck and be upgraded to a balcony cabin on the top deck. This 1 category upgrade is for upgrades within specific levels, interior to interior, ocean view to ocean view and balcony to balcony. None of the suites categories are eligible. I only have specific categories set aside in my group allotment, but this Sale will allow for you to purchase one of the in-between categories as well. Here is a breakdown of the categories and which falls into which level.

Categories 12-9 are interior cabins
Categories 8-4 are ocean view cabins
Categories 2C-2A are Balcony cabins

Feel free to give me a call or shoot me an email to ask specific questions about pricing, category location on the ship, etc. You can do that now, then just call back on January 3, 2008 and book your dream vacation to Middle-earth. After you book, you will be in a celebratory mood, so head on out to your local pub, bar or restaurant with some of your Ringer friends and raise a glass to the Professor in honor of his birthday. Oh, and then you can engage in a lively debate about the upcoming Hobbit movies, what fun we’ll have for the next few years as we gear up for these films.

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