Some landowners on existing “Lord of the Rings” film locations have been approached again by film location scouts, says Red Carpet Tours LOTR film location tour director Vic James.

The farmer at Poolburn, where Rohan was filmed, was approached quite recently, James says. There have also been Net rumours of an approach made to landowners in the Lake Te Anau district by location scouts “looking for the Lonely Mountain,” he says.

On the other hand, the Alexander family, owners of the Hobbiton movie location, say they have not been approached by the film makers. “The first they heard about the Hobbit movie announcement was when Ian Brodie [author of The Lord of the Rings Location Guide] rang them at 6.30 this morning,” he says.

It is possible that Peter Jackson collected enough outdoors location shots of hobbits and Hobbiton to use for the new Hobbit movies when he was making The Lord of the Rings.