From the folks at WETA: We’ve had a busy week; revealing that we’re working on two new projects this week, and Richard Taylor was gifted with an Honorary Award. Here with this week’s highlights…..

Weta reveals work on NZ fantasy novel, Under The Mountain
Weta Director gifted Honorary Award
Hilarious Raygun infomercial competition closes on Monday
Weta to work on KISS concert
King Kong “gross” artwork from the archives
Hellgate: London statue designer spills The Hunter’s beans
New testimonial from the wacky world of Dr Grordbort
Youngest crew member celebrates birthday at Weta
Déjà vu for Weta’s Lucy Cant
Hellgate: London concept artist reveals new work

For those of you in the UK, check out the latest edition of ImagineFX, which features an interview with Dr Grordbort’s designer, Greg Broadmore, here.