The MTV Movie Blog is back at it with more ‘Hobbit’ rumors, this time picking up on a suggestion started right here at’s very own message boards.

Martin Freeman as Bilbo?“…But one actor we wouldn’t want to see return is actually the actor when it comes to a Hobbit movie. While wizards and elves and part elf-men all age slowly (or not at all), hobbits get old quick, and we can’t imagine a 51-year-old Bilbo played by the same actor who brought him to life on his eleventy-first birthday.

But if not Ian, than who? How about “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” star Martin Freeman? Internet scuttlebutt has him front and center as a replacement candidate, and no one can argue that he doesn’t looks the part. So when we caught up with “The Office” alum while he was promoting his new film “The Good Night,” we asked him to address the hubbub…’

Granted Martin gets Hobbits and Goblins mixed up, we still think he looks pretty darn good for the role. Jump over the MTV for the Q/A and then rant and rave on the TORn boards.

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