Last Monday Sir Ian McKellen was on the telly in his star turn in Extras. “I said to Peter Jackson, ‘you do know I’m not really a wizard?”‘ he said, to Ricky Gervais’ character. Now here he is in Melbourne where, the next night, I will watch his King Lear strip away the layers until he stands naked and tormented before us. His Lear got a standing ovation and he put his hand over his heart as he took his bow. Now, I do know he is not really a king but for 3 1/2 hours I believed he was. That’s the confusing, wonderful magic of acting. His Lear, and in almost everything written about it this is mentioned with varying degrees of rude innuendo, gets his pants off. This seems to be some big deal, but it’s not, he sighs, to him. [More]