Richard writes: Maybe you could help spread the news about an interesting event in Poland on July 12-15. “Gondolin – the city found by Turgon – the one of the Noldors – hidden in the Tumladen Valley, guarded by the eagles. There was only one entrance leading to the city strongly guided by the residents. Unfortunately, envy and the will of possession among the elves caused the fall of Gondolin When the secret way has been given away, Melkor’s armies supported by the Dragons and the Barlogs destroyed the city. The ruler has also been killed. You also can act out this history. The topic of the IX TOLK FOLK is preparation and taking part in an open-area performance The Fall of Gondolin. Anybody can take part in it. The organizer secures more part of costumes and props. On the website you can load down an incidental music for the performance.” More can be found at Elendilion’s English (Westron) department website. [More]