MrCere here with a response to a lot of e-mail regarding a scuttle going on about ‘The Hobbit’ movie. Our friends at have been running some rumors about possible directors for the film such as Peter Weir, Stephen Summers and Michael Bay. Even AICN says to take this untested source with a grain of salt and that just isn’t credible enough in my opinion. My journalism background informs me that I need two independent sources for a credible story if they are going to go unnamed. That rule gets stretched and bent wildly on the internet but there just isn’t enough here for us to run with the story. However, ‘thank you’ to all the folks who care enough to send in news and tips, your help is highly valued, even if we can’t reply or the tip doesn’t make it. As always contact the news team via e-mail at (And remember, it’s an all volunteer staff!)