From Wired: In the wake of Spidey 3’s record breaking weekend, Sony Pictures plans to make more Spider-Man movies – – no surprise there. But Sam Raimi, who says he’s “exhausted” after seven and a half straight years in the Spidey tunnel, has not yet committed to directing the next one. “The wheels aren’t spinning,” he told me a few days ago during a conversation about the making of Sandman…Given Peter Jackson’s feud with New Line over the fate of a big screen “Hobbit,” Raimi, a longtime J.R. R. Tolkien fan, seems a natural heir to the middle earth throne. “I love the book but that’s all I can say honestly at this point,” Raimi says. “I did speak to (New Line boss) Bob Shay once, but I’m not sure the rights are sorted out yet. It’s still Peter Jackson’s movie so it wouldn’t be appropriate for me to say if I even had intentions. First, an offer would have to be made to me.” [More]