PJ helps build the buzz around Hot Fuzz

The boys behind Shaun of the Dead and the new hit action-comedy Hot Fuzz talk to Margaret Agnew about staying true, Tarantino, homo-erotica, and Peter Jackson’s cameo. The most action-filled, splattery fun to be had at the movies since Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz is the latest movie sub-version made by a clever trio of comic Brits. Actors Simon Pegg and Nick Frost and their director Edgar Wright were in New Zealand recently to launch Hot Fuzz, with the help of their mate “PJ” – or Peter Jackson to less stellar mortals.

With jetlag setting in, Frost and Wright down Nurofen during our interview (they show me the packet to prove it isn’t something illicit). They all look tired, having flown from England the day before to attend the New Zealand premiere of Hot Fuzz at Wellington’s Embassy theatre. [More]