Ashlee & Rachel Scott, Executive Producers – M.A.R.S. Productions write: M.A.R.S. Productions presents: Middle Earth Idols Part One & Two. We’re glad the LOTR fans at ORC enjoyed our film so much and thanks for all the emails. The films are now available for everyone to view at . Thank you for your patience! Thanks to Creation and TORn for hosting our premiere and thanks to our judges Kiran Shah, Daniel & Gareth Reeve, Michael Regina, Dean Haglund, Grant Wilson and Alexis Cruz for generously donating their time and talents. Also, to Emerald Rose for lending their music to our films. Special thanks to Andy Serkis for hanging around to watch Gollum’s encore performance with us at ORC. Our celebrity guest judges tell us they’ve been receiving fan mail about their performances in our film. Thanks to everyone for sending your support their way. We know they love hearing from all of you! Enjoy the films!! More to follow soon!

Download them now!

Middle Earth Idols: Part One (Windows Media File 58:32) [Mirror]

Middle Earth Idols: Part Two (Windows Media File 39:56) [Mirror]