It was just over three years ago that “The Lord of the Rings” Symphony had its premiere with a performance in Wellington, New Zealand. Organizers hoped that Howard Shore’s extensive reworking of music from a trio of “Lord of the Rings” films would enjoy a respectable life on the concert stage. They may not have been prepared for how respectable that international response became. Indeed, Shore’s extended musical gloss on J.R.R. Tolkien’s mythic universe has become something of an international phenomenon.

Louisville audiences will be able to see and hear just what all the fuss is all about Friday and Saturday. The Louisville Orchestra, joined by a bevy of adult and children’s choirs, will perform the complete “Lord of the Rings” Symphony in the Kentucky Center’s Whitney Hall. It will be conducted by Charles Floyd, a well-regarded pianist and conductor who studied with celebrated pianist Lee Luvisi at the University of Louisville School of Music. [More]