Tolkien Exhibit in Frankfurt Elentariel writes: While still vacationing in Germany, I came upon the following Tolkien exhibit at the Frankfurt City library. “Tolkien’s boyhood in Birmingham”, an exhibition on loan from the Birmingham library, their sister city. The exhibition uses maps, and photographs, to show scenes from Tolkien’s childhood in Birmingham, England. It’s both in english, and german. Part of the exhibit are a few costumes, of Eowyn, and a Ringwraith. Also on display are all of Tolkien’s books, and some of the movie stand-ups as in Aragorn, the hobbits, Legolas, Gandalph, and Gollum. You can also pick and chose from several free handouts of the british Tolkien society, the cities of Birmingham, and Frankfurt, regarding Tolkien and his works. Overall, a very informative and well done exhibit. [More]