The news of Peter Jackson’s letter to us at has spread around the world faster than we thought possible. Here are some of the headlines we caught online today. Most of these articles repeat the same news..however it is interesting to see the medias reactions.

Peter Jackson: No More Hobbit
Studio to Peter Jackson: No Hobbit for You!
Jackson Not To Direct Hobbit; Nerds Weep
New Line not bringing Peter Jackson back for “The Hobbit” & second LOTR prequel(?)
Peter Jackson Will Not Be Making The Hobbit
Jackson: “I’m Not Making ‘The Hobbit'”
“The Hobbit” without Peter Jackson
Peter Jackson On Why He Isn’t Making The Hobbit
Peter Jackson not wanted for ‘The Hobbit’
Jackson dumped from new Rings films
Jackson Out As Hobbit Director
Jackson will not direct Hobbit
Oscar-winning ‘Rings’ director Peter Jackson backs out of ‘Hobbit’
Jackson Reportedly Out of ‘The Hobbit’
Jackson Dropped From The Hobbit