A ton of interesting new films are out on DVD this week. Take an early look on our ‘DVD Tuesday’ feature…every Monday! Check out some TV goodies like the ‘The Best of Carson, Volume 1’, ‘Beverly Hills, 90210 – S1’ & ‘Doctor Who – S1 V1 & V2’. Some great animation out today as well, ‘The Transformers – The Movie’ & ‘Harvey Toons – The Complete Collection’. The big release of the week is Disney/Pixar’s ‘Cars’, but also be on the lookout for some great box-sets like ‘West Wing – The Complete Series Collection’, ‘Men Behaving Badly – Complete Collection’, ‘Mash: Martinis & Medicine Collection’, ‘James Bond Ultimate Collection – Vol. 1 & 2’. Personally I’m interested in ‘Doctor Who: Mark of the Rani’ & ‘Hand of Fear’! Check out the whole list here! [More]