DragonCon 2006 Images Ringer Spy Celebriel reports on Friday’s events at DragonCon in Atlanta: “An Evening in Bree,” which featured the fabulous music of Emerald Rose and an LOTR costume contest, was the highlight of the evening’s LOTR festivities.There were twenty entrants in the costume contest, which was judged by Donna Maloney, Amy Pace of West of the Moon, and members of Arms of Middle Earth. The Eye of Sauron won Best of Show, while Best Workmanship went to an elven costume with highly detailed leatherwork. Elfstone was judged Best Group while two hobbits costumed as Rosie Cotton won the Judges’ Choice awards. Gandalf won the prize for Best Look-Alike. Watch for Celebriel’s report on Saturday’s DragonCon parade and LOTR track programming, including Kiran Shah and Dork of the Rings. Questions? Feedback? Email her at dianeroone@aol.com.