LOTR Musical Goodies Robin writes: I just returned from a trip to Toronto where we saw the fantastic new musical, Lord of the Rings. I loved the play and the music was great. The only thing I was disappointed in was that there was no CD of the music (they are saving that for the London cast) and there was no programs to purchase that had photos of the musical. BUT! I was able to find some great photos in the local “Where” magazine for tourists, the local newspaper and a pamphlet that was available in the theater. I did notice in the hand-out program that there will be a “The Lord of the Rings: The Official Stage Companion” Based on the stage production – Available in August 2006 for $50.00 (Canadian?) Also, I’m including a picture of the items I purchased in the theater’s shop – poster, magnet, key chain and mug. Hope you enjoy these pics! [More]