Ashlee & Rachel Scott write: Hi again. We wrote to you a few days ago thanking you for putting fan films online (available here). We’ve been getting hundreds of requests from schools, teachers, students, friends of friends asking for a copy of our 3 hour full length ROTK parody. People have been coming into work, leaving notes in our mailbox, stopping at our house, following us and doing the same to friends of ours from work. We appreciate their interest and support. But, to be perfectly honest with you, our Mom has ovarian cancer and our family can not afford to duplicate and ship any copies of our ROTK parody to all these people. I hope you understand. [More]

Xoanon here, instead of sending the Scotts money so YOU can get a LOTR DVD, take that same money and use it for a good cause. Please donate to the The National Ovarian Cancer Coalition, I think it is something much more important, don’t you? [Donate]