Conservative leader David Cameron has announced his new baby son is to be called Arthur Elwen. Mr Cameron’s wife Samantha, 34, gave birth to their third child by Caesarean section on Valentine’s Day. The Tory leader said the names did not have any particular significance but he believed somebody on his father’s side of his family was called Arthur. “Arthur we’ve always liked as a name and Samantha found Elwen in a book. We thought it was a good name,” he said. Elwen is a name apparently of English origin which means “elf-wise friend”. Newspaper reports have previously suggested that Mr Cameron’s supporters play a game in which they imagine themselves in a political version of Middle Earth, with their leader cast as the Tory version of Lord of the Rings’ Frodo. But a Tory spokeswoman stressed the couple had simply chosen the name from a book of baby names and it had nothing to do with Lord of the Rings. [More]