Durham University doctoral student Danielle Smith is undertaking an ESRC- funded project into the experiences of tourists to mythical and fantastic locations, through two case studies- the landscapes of New Zealand/ Middle Earth, and Arthurian sites in the South West of Britain. Through working with tourists at these sites, she hopes to illuminate how locations from fiction or legend are important to us, and the ways in which we experience these landscapes. What does it feel like to ‘re-live the magic’ of your favourite scenes, or to ‘walk in the footsteps’ of mythical heroes? Danielle has a research website, at www.durham.ac.uk/d.e.smith, with further information on the project. She is also currently looking for individuals who have been influenced to visit New Zealand by the Lord of the Rings film trilogy, whether on a specific themed tour, or independently, visiting some of the locations as part of a broader itinerary. Please contact her by e-mail at d.e.smith@durham.ac.uk