Carlene Cordova & Cliff Broadway Carlene Cordova found herself in the midst of Middle-earth madness and realized that she had the makings of a movie. The former Dayton-area resident was working with the popular Lord of the Rings fan site, covering red-carpet premieres and fan anticipation for Peter Jackson’s Oscar-winning film trilogy, based on the epic novel by J.R.R. Tolkien. The sudden resurgence of Tolkien’s work, fueled by Jackson’s films as well as by the Internet, caught the attention of Cordova and Cliff Broadway, a writer for the Web site. They saw it as a phenomenon in the fan world. “Since we were right there in the middle, and we had access to the stars, and we had access to the fans — both sides talked to us, knew us, trusted us — we realized that we were in a unique position to document what was happening and that we should,” Cordova said. [More]