Tinuvielas writes: Here are the Pro’s (many) and Con’s (some) about RingCon 2005, to be followed by a Summary & Quotes of the John Noble and (part of) the Billy Boyd panel. October, 9th, 2005. “I’m sittin’ in a railway-station, gotta ticket for my destination… hmm-mmm…” – anyone remember that song? Anyone relate to that melancholy feeling of being cast out of Middle-Earth and re-emerging into the bleak reality of a crowded train-ride home, so familiar after three day’s worth of RingCon? Three days of coming-together (which is of course what “con-venire” actually means), of singing – it was a very musical Con, this time, dubbed a “Sing-Con” by some, but more of this later – of laughing and having FUN! [More]