Celebriel reports that the Ian Brodie’s new book, Cameras in Narnia, is now available for pre-order at his website & Amazon.com. (Ian is director of the New Zealand Fighter Pilots Museum in Wanaka.) The site notes “Ian Brodie has been on set and on location throughout its production, and has documented the making of the film from behind the cameras, with interviews with the director and key crew members. Using this movie as a specific example, he explains in layman’s terms the magical process of turning a much-loved classic of children’s literature into a blockbuster movie.”

The book’s release date is November 10, 2005, so it should arrive in plenty of time to read before the film’s opening in December. The advantage of ordering direct from Ian’s website is that all copies will be personally autographed! Lord of the Rings fans will be familiar with Ian’s outstanding Lord of the Rings Location Guide, essential for New Zealand visitors to Rings locations. This looks like a terrific followup. [Pre-Order ‘Cameras in Narnia’ on Amazon.com today!]