Carlene Cordova, director of ‘Ringers: Lord of the Fans’ writes: Now that we’re a part of the official SONY family we’ll be getting a brand new website! The site should go live shortly before the release of the RINGERS DVD in November 2005. You’ll love the DVD! We’re including lots of deleted scenes, a short behind the scenes piece on how we made RINGERS, and much, much more! Please visit the new SONY teaser RINGERS Teaser site! Sign up for the newsletter while you’re there. Because it’s a new system you will need to re-register for the newsletter and the new message boards when they’re available. Last chance to buy RINGERS merchandise from the Cafe Press store. We’ll be closing it soon and opening a new and improved RINGERS online store with all new merchandise soon! [Sony’s ‘Ringers’ Site] [‘Ringers’ Store]