From a very good source:

I got some news from the Jackson camp from a good friend who’s working onset on “King Kong”. I’m not sure if you’ve heard these before or not, but here goes:

1) Two words: Giant Spiders. Yes Peter Jackson has DEFINITELY shot the infamous Giant Spider segment that was cut from the original 1933 version of the movie. And not only Giant Spiders, but Giant Wetas as well!

2) Andy Serkis’s character – Lumpy – bites it in the Giant Spider sequence

3) Andy Serkis’s motion capture suit apparently has extended arms to give him a more gorilla effect AND he has a microphone that goes through an audio processor to make him roar like a gorilla to give the actors something to perform against!

4) Here’s the most interesting tidbit of all – there is a VERY STRONG rumour going around set that Peter Jackson’s next movie is going to be – A WORLD WAR I EPIC about the ANZACS! And that the Venture is going to be reconfigured into a WWI Minesweeper for the film!