Dear ToRN Staff,
Just writing in to let all ringers know about another (and cheaper actually, @ 34.99 rather than the $39.99 mentioned from the video storein the previous post. The place I was lucky enough to come across is called Extraordinary DVD, and its located on W 14th St. between 6th and 5th. After reading the report you had posted yesterday afternoon I left after work @ 5:00 from New Jersey, headed south-east ( and went to the place you had described (which was very creepy and very difficult to find by the way) originally, which was sold out for the day (should have more today). What a horrible drive it was, at rush hour, trying to get through the Lincoln Tunnel, arrgghh, it was horrible. But I’m a true Ringer through and through (tattoo and all that I’ve had for a few years now), and just tried to think of Frodo on his way to Mordor, growing weaker and weaker by the minute, because that is how I felt on my way through the traffic jam going into the Tunnel (those who’ve been in similar circumstances, I’m sure, know exactly what I mean). Anyway, good luck to NYC Ringers find the EE early!
Jeff L