HOLLYWOOD, Calif., Nov. 10 /PRNewswire/ — Whether it was putting a woman in a pair of pants for the first time on screen, illustrating a man’s lack of an undershirt, or firmly planting shoulder pads in the American fashion scene, Costume Designers have been breaking barriers since the advent of film. In Hollywood, Premiere magazine and Hamilton watches salute nine costume designers for their impact on not only the film industry, but on American culture. The second annual Timeless Style Awards recognizes the contribution of nine costume designers whose body of work has influenced fashion around the world. The honorees include Ngila Dickson, Judianna Makovsky, Daniel Orlandi, Sophie de Rakoff, Alexandra Byrne, Ann Roth, Penny Rose, Colleen Atwood and Madeline Fontaine; many of them having already achieved the status of Academy Award winner or nominee.