Makoare at New Starcon II in the Netherlands

Mazzic writes: I visited the New Starcon II in Tilburg, the Netherlands earlier today ( The only Lord of the Rings actor was Lawrence Makoare himself who also appeared at FACTS in Belgium last week ( Although quite a few other big names were scheduled to appear at this show, there weren’t a lot of visitors at all. So I didn’t have to wait very long to meet Lawrence again, as I also met him last week since I live in Belgium.

He is truly a nice lad who enjoys talking to his fans and giving information on his acting performances and costume experiences. After I got my autographs, the actors all went out for a short lunch break, so I had some time to check out the different LOTR items Lawrence brought to the NSCII.

That is when I discovered this picture where Gimli kills Gothmog. Is it going to be in the Extended ROTK Edition? I don’t know, it wasn’t in the trailer… So thought you guys may wanted to know this tidbit!