Peter “The Hutt” writes:

From Henneth-Annun, the Russian LotR resource, comes this article:

The EE of the “Return of the King” is not out yet – however, theeaster egg for this upcoming DVD release has already been revealed.

It has been made possible by British laws, which force all video andaudio materials to be submitted for rating by the British Board ofFilm Classification (BBFC).

Here be spoilers!

The Easter Egg this time is a remote interview with Elijah Wood, whichhas been conducted from the world premiere of RotK in Berlin. Elijahwas absent, but reporters had a possibility to ask him questions overa phone line. He would then answer them into a video camera installedin his New York hotel.

As Wood could not see the interviewer, Dominic Monaghan pulled a prankon hin. He assumed a strong German accent and started impersonating aGerman reporter, asking most outrageous questions. The whole piece ofinterview is 8 minutes 34 seconds long.

Peter Jackson often announced this piece of interview to appear on theRotK SEE DVD. Now we know, in what context it will happen. Also, thistime the easter egg has passed British censorship (both MTV MovieAward’s easter eggs of previous LotR releases have been dropped in theUK release, because of “adult” dialogues). However, there still mightbe some adult language, as the new Easter Egg has been rated 12 by BBFC.

Link to PJ interview.Link to BBFC website.