Promo Images from 'Spivs' The folks from Carnaby Films sent along these promo images and a few details on Dominic Monaghan’s latest film, ‘Spivs’. ‘SPIVS stars Ken Stott (King Arthur) in a tour de force performance as Jack, a gentleman among thieves in London’s East End. Together with his accomplices Steve (Nick Moran – Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels) and Jenny (Kate Ashfield – Shaun of the Dead) Jack conducts intricate scams that con money out of the hands of villains (who probably got it illegally anyway). No one gets hurt, no swindle takes too long, and everybody’s happy (except for those duped of course). That is until the elegant con artist finds himself lumbered with dodgy goods that he didn’t really expect, in the shape of two illegal immigrant children.’ [More] []