Roheryn writes: Shore’s ROTK soundtrack concludes Cincinnati fireworks extravaganza! Cincinnati’s annual Labor Day weekend “Riverfest” fireworks extravaganza has just ended in spectacular style with the familiar strains of Howard Shore’s LOTR:ROTK soundtrack! One of the biggest and best in the country, this is a half-hour fireworks display shot from barges and bridges on the Ohio River choreographed to an eclectic soundtrack of rock music, big bands, symphony, and sound bites. There are certainly many movements of Shore’s soundtrack that would make a wonderful accompaniment to such a show — worthy of Gandalf! — and the ROTK piece selected had the honor of being the last few measures heard during the blazing finale. They chose the closing passage of “The Fields of the Pelennor,” heard as the Riders of Rohan sweep down to rescue besieged Minas Tirith — a fitting conclusion indeed!!