Kong Pre Production Going Strong

Here’s another update from Wellington… It seems that the large new concrete structure on Stone Street Studio’s site, that I previously reported (and photographed on June 11) as a possible Kong film set turns out to be an entirely new large concrete building, possibly (probably?) a new indoor stage.

Also, the wall of ships containers has been completed and is now 4 high, and as you can see in the included new pics, it’s got a massive blue screen hanging from it.

You can see in one the photos (taken from the supermarket behind the Stone Street Studio) that there’s a new “old” wall just behind the blue screen, labelled “East River Shipping Company” (sorry, it’s a bit unclear in the pic, but it looks damn old). For those not from around here, there’s no East River in Wellington… 🙂

Furthermore, there’s another new “old” wall being constructed on the entrance side of the studio, marked with a few letters “..O.N. … P.A…”. I’m not sure what it’s going to say but it’s not finished yet. More later. I have no pictures (yet), since it’s just beside where the security guard sits, and he looks mean as an Orc. I ain’t messing with him… 🙂

The second picture is taken from the front entrance, hiding behind the “army” truck, a truck which is marked “Genetic Department, Three Foot Six Ltd, Miramar, Wellington”. In the photo you also can clearly see the size of the blue screen at the back of the studio entrance, at the same carpark where (for instance) the Dead Marshes were filmed.

The King Kong boat I previously reported on May the 7th, which was originally called the “Manuia” and was green, is now black and is called the “Venture” (If I recall correctly). I’ll try to get some new photos soon.