Deni wirtes: I just read this report by Xoanon about the new happenings on King Kong. I thought I should add a bit of information to help clear up some confusion.

The filming on Mount Victoria over the weekend was probably for the 48 hour film project which had around 47 film crews, including 3 from WETA, all trying to make an 8 minute movie in 48 hours. I doubt there was any Kong filming going on, everything was too hectic this weekend.

Also there are currently some dinosaur models on view at the Camperdown studios (you can see them through the window), although unfortuately my camera isn’t good enough to get a decent picture, sorry.

There were also quite a few “army” trucks parked around the Stone Street studios over the last week or so. With the expansion of Post on Park, Miramar is becoming one big film studio!