Kong is Coming...

Almost, but not entirely… writes:

I sent a quick report a few weeks ago about the work going on around Wellington NZ for King Kong… here’s a quick update, and a few (bad) pics… :

At the carpark behind the Stone Stree Studios in Miramar – The Mumak harness that I reported was being stored at the back of the carpark has now in fact, been taken away. The Three Foot Six truck marked “Genetics Departement” (???) that was parked there has also gone. A small shed that was located beside the back gate is also gone. What has been placed in the carpark will now prevent any more cool photos from that perspective – a two-high stack of ships containers, filled with large barrels filled with water (presumably for steadying the stack). I’m assuming it’s there for giant outdoor blue-screens like they did for LOTR. One of the crew told me they’re going to be building it four high. 🙁

Also at the back of the carpark, still “kinda” visible despite the
container wall is a new structure, presumably a set of some sort. It’s about 20 meters high, and appeared over the course of last week. I figured I’d have enough time to come back and photograph it, but the container wall took only two days and surpised me.

As for the boat I wrote about previously, Dan Hennah himself has been sighted there (not by me though), apparently doing a spot of welding the the front of the boat has been covered in some sort of thick metal plating. Not sure why, though.

Also in town, there was a film crew yesterday, busy filming a street scene on Mount Victoria, (in front of the old catholic church, St Gerards). I heard it was a New York scene for King Kong, but can’t confirm that. I’ve also heard that filming won’t begin until August, so at least one of my sources is wrong. 🙂

Enjoy the photos, I’ll post more as it happens.